Kilmore Golf Club

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COVID – 19 CONDITIONS (updated 5/1/21)

All golfers who play at Kilmore Golf Club must follow all these rules and procedures which will be updated according to further information.

Golf Bookings can be done during business hours (8.30-5.00) by texting/phoning on 0437712973. An Honesty box is available for score cards/signing in, leaving names, times & phone details as required by law if the Golf Shop is not open. There may be times that this phone number is unavailable (Wed or Sat) in which case follow the directions in the honesty box when you arrive.

Social distancing. Keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres from all others at all times. Please follow these instructions when in the carpark, clubhouse, golf shop. Do not touch others belongings or equipment.

Hygiene and cleaning. Do not touch anything which is not yours and use the hand sanitiser provided available in the golf shop.

Illness. If you are experiencing any cold, flu, fever type symptoms, please do not attend the Club. Instead go and get tested for Covid- 19 as soon as possible. If someone who has visited the Club tests positive for Covid – 19, all people who were at the course will be contacted.

Competitions will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. It is anticipated that the format will follow the program as much as possible.

Saturday tee times can be booked during business hours (8.30 – 5.00) by phoning /texting 0437712973 or entering your name on the sheet provided in the Golf shop.

Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday competitions. Players are requested to arrive between 8.15-9.00am.

Ladies will tee off at 9.00am.

Scorecard marking. Mark your own card in the PLAYER column. Mark your partner’s score in MARKER column and verbally check scores throughout and at the completion of the round. Sign your card only and ensure you have the correct date. Do not sign your partners card.

Bunkers. If your ball finishes in a bunker you may take a preferred lie within the bunker without penalty. After your shot, smooth the area with your feet. Rakes will not be available on the course.

Flagsticks must not be touched at any time. Use your putter to straighten the flag if it is leaning over.

Sand buckets will be available for members to loan for the time being. Please keep it with your equipment and return when notified.

Drink taps and ball washers are not to be used.

Golf shop and function room. Masks must be worn unless eating /drinking.

Hand shaking is not permitted. Maintain 1.5 meters from others at all times.

Golf carts MUST be booked in advance as the Golf shop is open intermittently.

Green fee players MUST leave a name and phone number and date according to Section 6(3) (c) of the Government’s “Restricted Activities Directions (No 7). This can be entered on the forms provided in the Honesty box, placed in the envelope provided along with your green fees and posted down the chute to the left of the box.

Competitions – Competitions will be held on Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please use the handicap calculation posters in the shop window to calculate your daily handicap. 

Club Details: Anderson Road, Kilmore, Victoria, Australia 3764. 

Phone: (03) 5782 1123   Email:


Kilmore Golf Club is situated 25 minutes drive from the northern suburbs of Melbourne.