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Kilmore Golf Club, Kilmore, Victoria, Australia
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Heat Policy,

Players are again reminded of the risks associated with playing on days of extreme heat and are advised to consider their own health before commencing their round. Further information relating to hydration and sun protection can be found at the bottom of the attached document and as posted on our website.

Thank you for your understanding and good golfing.

General Committee

Kilmore Golf Club


Players are advised of the dangers of extreme heat (36 Degrees Celsius or more) and are encouraged to be aware of the forecast of extreme heat and consider their own personal safety while out on the course. In the case of extreme heat, player safety will always take precedence over course playability.  The club takes every measure to ensure members are informed of the risks of playing on days of extreme heat; however, the onus remains on the member to accept the risks and make their own decision on whether or not to begin their round.

Golf Victoria Heat Policy, developed in consultation with Sports Medicine Australia, Sports Dieticians Australia and the Department of Health and Ageing notes that in ambient temperature of 36 degrees or above the risk of thermal injury is “Extreme” and players should be encouraged to either move their round to a cooler part of the day, or cancel.



“Should the forecast temperature ( for Kilmore, at 5:00pm on the day prior to play, be 36 degrees Celsius or above, golfers will be warned via the club website and members’ notice board of the potential dangers of playing in heat. In the event of the actual temperature reaching 36 degrees Celsius at Kilmore, all play will then be abandoned. The course will be closed for the remainder of the day. Should this coincide with a competition being in progress, a representative of the Match Committee and the Club Captain will inform players on the course. A decision on the status of the competition results will be made dependent on the number of completed rounds.


Players shall be notified of these changes by the use of the siren as follows:

  • Immediate suspension: one prolonged sounding.

Warnings placed on  members’ notice board will remind members who play on days of extreme heat are advised to apply sunscreen, wear hats and other protective clothing and continually re-hydrate during play.

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